Viasheets lets you connect data sources directly to Google Sheets so that you and your team can get live updates immediately!


Sources are the channels we use to pull data from, whether it’s your bank data, Stripe, Employment systems, Google Anaytics, Instagram, etc. A source is any system that we’re connected to that you can pull data directly from.

Sources are configured from the Viasheets dashboard meaning that they can be added or deleted at any time.


Queries serve as the foundation of Viasheets, allowing you to extract data directly into Google Sheets. A query empowers you to choose the specific data you wish to extract from a source and seamlessly integrate it into a spreadsheet.

After you have crafted and executed a query, you will have the opportunity to save it, allowing you to rerun the query at a later time.


Templates are pre-designed spreadsheets that enable you to quickly initiate your work. Following the connection of your sources, configure the queries and execute them in the designated sections within our templates. Upon completion, you will gain access to the evaluations embedded within each template.


Get started quickly with a template from Viasheets